Enjoying Freedom,
Upholding Responsibilities

Enjoying Freedom, Upholding Responsibilities
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As her children grow up, Manda continues to learn about which approach to use towards her children. One of the core values that Manda always emphasizes to her children is that each and every one of them has the right to learn about, and to get to know anyone, to expand their knowledge and horizon. But, they also need to learn about the limitations, and be responsible for all of their life choices.

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“To make friends, they can befriend anyone, to learn more about people, their characters, their environment, but they need to be responsible for the path that they’ve chosen. So we don’t really limit them, our goal is to make our children more aware of the outside world, but still keeping their sense of responsibility and protecting themselves,” Manda explained.

Thus, Manda said that the only thing she can do is to keep building communication, providing her insights and values towards her children. But at the same time, she tries not to restrain her children.

“We’re just providing them with our insights, giving examples. We give them freedom in terms of socializing with others,” Manda told us.

Manda also hopes that the SETARA program will be able to provide understanding and examples regarding the stages of development, to guide her children through their journey to adulthood.

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“They get their examples from us, and then knowledge from SETARA, they’ll be processing those by themselves. Well for some maybe it’s too much freedom, but there are still limitations,” Manda said. Sementara, Suyono berharap agar materi SETARA bisa diperluas, tetapi dengan tetap mempertimbangkan usia anak. Sekali pun secara keseluruhan, baginya, “materi SETARA yang saat ini, saya kira sudah cukup baik”. Senada dengan orang tua lainnya, Mariani juga merasa materi SETARA sudah cukup jelas. Ia merasa dengan adanya modul ini memudahkan anaknya untuk belajar secara mandiri.

“I think the module is clear enough, without me having to teach them [her children], they can read and learn by themselves,” Mariani expressed.

She also hopes that as parents, we should try to understand more about our children’s needs, and learn about what our children are learning. “We need to understand it too. So that it goes both ways, the children understand that, and so do their parents,” Mariani explained Regarding her future expectations towards the SETARA program, she wants the existing materials to be further improved, especially materials related to healthy relationships between teenagers, “yes, the materials should further be improved, for example, topics related to relationships”, she said.

Just like the other parents, Nila voiced her expectation towards the SETARA program, which is currently being implemented at her child’s school. She hopes that knowledge on reproductive health could provide her children with the understanding of the topic, and serves as a means to protect her children.

“My hope is for my children to be healthy, and are kept away from bad things,” she expressed.

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7 July 2022
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