Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Partnership and Linking-Learning Specialist

A National hire and Middle Management Team with time allocation: 70% for CSE Program Quality & Development and 30% for Advocacy for Rutgers Indonesia.

Based in The Country Office – Jakarta, Indonesia

Rutgers Indonesia (RID) is the center of expertise on sexual and reproductive health and right. We have worked to improve the SRHR in Indonesia for many years with our strong partners in Netherlands and Africa. RID is working to address various challenges and problems young people face regarding their sexual and reproductive health and well-being. We do this, amongst others, by empowering them through comprehensive sex education.  Sexuality is not necessarily about sex but is also related to health, being comfortable with their body, and respecting other people’s rights. Comprehensive refers to providing accurate and complete information and building skills that help young people to develop their knowledge and behavior so they are aware of their health and sexual development and respect other people’s rights. Rutgers’s approach to programs includes research, M&E, advocacy and knowledge management.



To provide overall strategic and technical support (in the thematic area of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in the formal education setting) to design and implement the ongoing programs in the intervention area and support the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health in scaling up the CSE program (for regular and special education). The program will be delivered over three years until 2025. Priority area includes; DKI Jakarta, West Java, East Java, Central Java, North Sumatera, NTB, and Bali, as well as National level initiatives.


Strategic Level:

  • Develop the strategy of CSE at the national and local level to ensure quality and sustainability,
  • Design and implement the advocacy strategies for CSE in education and health government settings and ensure the buy-in of the program at the city/district level,
  • Design and increase the quality improvement strategy of the learning and teaching method, school environment, and policy level,
  • Design the performance of CSE implementation increase and impacted schools’ stakeholders, including very young adolescents,
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Religious Affairs, and other organizations working in Reproductive health education to ensure joint initiatives implement smoothly based on the mutual planning.

Technical delivery

  • Lead the quality planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the program’s CSE interventions across the programs (RHRN II, Power to Youth and Explore4Action)
  • Provide technical support to Government of Indonesia staff working with the program in the implementation of the program’s CSE related activities
  • Contribute to the writing of the inception report to the donor and other regular reports to be produced throughout the program
  • Support the development of costed annual workplans, as needed.
  • Ensure that RID policies for Child Protection (CPP), Safeguarding, and Gender Transformative Approaches (GTA) are fully embedded across CSE program interventions
  • Ensure documentation of case studies, best practices and lessons learned.
  • Support M&E colleagues in formulating indicators to measure the effectiveness of CSE interventions and in the development of the M&E Framework
  • Based on M&E findings, support the process of adapting programming to ensure that CSE interventions are most effective/ relevant to context and are applied across the program.


External representation and relationship building:

  • Represent Rutgers Indonesia at program management committee meetings, and coalition and government partner meetings at district, regional and national levels on behalf of the organization, as needed
  • Build strong relationships with national, regional and district-level Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health (and other relevant line ministries) officials responsible for addressing gender inequalities in education and CSE-related matters. Coordinate regularly to ensure close alignment and complementarity of Government activities with those CSE interventions of the program.
  • Work with relevant Government representatives to ensure program CSE interventions are focused on sustainability post-program implementation
  • Engage with key national, regional, and community stakeholders, including government representatives, donors, civil society, and academic institutions as needed
  • Present to various audiences on the technical CSE aspects of the program design and implementation and support the process of dissemination of learning.


Support and capacity building to delivery teams:

  • Provide hands-on support to the Rutgers Indonesia delivery team and across implementing partners where needed.
  • Promote mutual understanding and the sharing of ideas, information and experience on CSE issues among team members
  • Carry out capacity gap assessments and analysis with Rutgers Indonesia and Rutgers Netherlands for ongoing program staff and coordinate training sessions based on gaps identified by the program.


Scope of Appointment:

Reports to: The Country Representative.

Supervisee: CSE Officer

Coordination line: Head of Program, Program Manager of Power to Youth and RHRN


The appointment is a part-time position of 32 hours per week. We offer a one-year contract with the possibility of an extension. The post holder will be based at the Rutgers Indonesia office in Jakarta with frequent travel to more than eight sites across Indonesia and the International network in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The Person

To succeed in the challenging and varied role, you will have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Applied technical knowledge in the thematic area of CSE, including knowledge of related attitudes, behaviors, and social norms in Indonesia
  • Knowledge of various strategies and interventions to support/ promote CSE is essential
  • Strong passion and commitment to championing CSE and to challenging harmful gender and social norms and behaviors
  • Significant experience implementing or advising large-scale, consortium-led, multi-year interventions to support CSE in challenging contexts, ideally in Indonesia, rural and urban setting.
  • Strong understanding of the contextual challenges faced by communities in Indonesia as well as solid working experience in the country
  • Strong relationships with CSE sector specialists and relevant government offices in Indonesia would be an advantage
  • Experience working with/ through partners, including building technical capacity of implementing partner organizations and government staff
  • Experience of liaising with and supporting governments to deliver CSE strategies at different levels
  • Experience working and collaborating with diverse sets of stakeholders, such as local NGOs, government officials, donor representatives, local and international staff
  • Experience in contributing to the development of robust M&E and Learning frameworks for CSE interventions; Experience in supporting the design of both qualitative and quantitative M&E tools
  • Familiarity with youth-cantered, participatory approaches to data collection
  • Strong public presentation skills and ability to represent the program to a variety of audiences ranging from government representatives, donors, academic institutions, civil society, community representatives, and others as required.
  • Strong communication skills, including advanced report-writing skills

Education and language

  • Degree in a relevant field, for example, Education Management, Education Technology, Gender Studies, Gender and Education, Gender and Development, Public Health, Development Studies, or Sociology.
  • Fluency in English – both spoken and written


Type of Role: Service contract. The contract will be renewable annually, depending on performance and funding availability.



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