Jr Communication Officer (Consultant)


*This position is open for Indonesian nationals only*

About Rutgers Indonesia

Rutgers Indonesia is a not for profit organization that has been working in Indonesia since 1997.  Our work focuses on advancing the fulfillment of sexual and reproductive health rights for adolescents and young people, and the elimination of gender-based violence. Together with our partners, we develop intervention models to increase knowledge and strengthen systems that promote, uphold, and fulfill human rights.  We develop comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and services for adolescents and young people.  Together with our partners, we innovate to engage boys and men in the elimination of gender and sexuality-based violence. 

To ensure sustainable changes, we join efforts with key actors in non-government sectors, faith-based organizations, and professional associations, to strengthen the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to combat violence against women and children.  Most importantly, we partner with young people to address issues that matter in their lives.         

 For more detail about the program see the link: https://www.gemilangsehat.org/.


Position Summary

As an effort to support the success of the program and advocacy in the field, Rutgers Indonesia’s communication team plays an active role in conducting campaign work both in the offline and online realms. Some of the online channels owned by Rutgers Indonesia are websites, social media, and newsletters, which are used to disseminate useful information about the key messages of the Rutgers Indonesia program. This becomes a communication strategy to increase public awareness, provide education, inspire change, and encourage policy advocacy from stakeholders, in accordance with the target audience.

To increase the wider reach of the campaign, it requires strategy development, improved communication management, and special attention in maintaining digital channels owned by Rutgers Indonesia. Given the current composition and workload of the Rutgers Indonesia communication team, supporting resources with more strategic positions are needed, especially those focused on carrying out activities in the digital realm in order to strengthen the performance of the communication team in supporting the success of the program advocacy campaign. Therefore, this term of reference was created as a basis for the need to find a Jr. Communication Officer who can assist the communication team in these tasks. In carrying out his/her work, the Jr. The Communication Officer will report to the Communication & Campaign Manager (CCM).


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Creative Content Development

Assist in designing and creating content on a regular basis to increase activity on social media and websites and translate it into digital communication products (articles, photos, and videos).

  • Content Update

Maintain SobatASK’s social media channels and website by disseminating content on a regularly scheduled basis, in accordance with the issue focus and target audience.

  • Audience Engagement

Maintaining interaction with the audience on social media and striving to increase engagement with the audience, such as likes, mentions, comments, tagging, and sharing.

  • Website and Social Media Trend Analytics

Monitoring and analyzing activity on social media and the Rutgers website and network, and contributing to reporting for evaluation of future digital campaign strategies.

  • Coordination and Reporting

Coordinate with program team and communication team members, namely CCM and Graphic Designer Consultant, as well as vendors or 3rd parties working for communication program purposes.



  • Have a minimum educational background of S1 in the field of communication, journalism, public relations, or digital advertising;
  • Have at least 3-5 years of working experience in relevant fields, such as: public relations agency, communication, creative campaign, or digital marketing;
  • Have the ability to develop creative content, both in the form of photo narratives, videos, and other digital communication products; 
  • Proficient in operating communication tools and digital media, especially websites and social media;
  • Able to operate basic photo and video editing; 
  • Preferably those who have experience working or have been involved in projects at NGOs;
  • Able to communicate well and work in a team;
  • Able to speak Indonesian well, and English (basic);
  • Have a history of work results or portfolio that has been done in relevant work.

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