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Ruang Temu Generasi Sehat Indonesia (Rutgers Indonesia) is an organization based in Indonesia and affiliated with Rutgers in the Netherlands. It works with implementation, research and advocacy partners in various provinces in Indonesia to improve sexual and reproductive health and the acceptance of sexual rights, gender equality and gender-based violence prevention. Rutgers Indonesia addresses various challenges and problems young people face regarding their sexual and reproductive health and well-being. We do this, amongst others, by empowering them through research and advocacy, program implementation, and grant management.

One of the programs currently being implemented by Rutgers Indonesia is Power to You(th). Power to You(th) is a five-year program (2021-2025) that believes that change starts from the community. To realize this change, the Power to You(th) consortium seeks to strengthen civil society organizations to empower and increase the voices of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW). The program’s overall goal is to contribute to more adolescent girls and young women from underserved communities being meaningfully involved in decision-making regarding harmful practices, FGM, and unintended pregnancies.

Power to You(th) will involve youth aged between 12 – 24 years from underserved communities as the target group. The above goals will only be achieved if civic space, including social actors, the state and the media, can be empowered.

Currently Rutgers Indonesia is looking for enthusiastic candidates for the following position and who are interested in working on SRHR issues and available on short notice:

Project Manager Power to You(th)
(Based in Jakarta)

Brief Roles and Responsibilities

The PM is responsible for managing the project cycle, coordinating, communicating, liaising and executing the program strategy and milestone. Actively engage in project planning, implementation, and monitoring and reporting. This includes being responsible for a certain amount of budget expenditure, its accountability and value for money. PM will report directly to the Head of Program (HoP) and coordinate with the Senior Program Officer in Rutgers Netherlands and implementing partners in Indonesia.

Proportion of scope of work:

  • Project management and leadership: 30%
  • Interlink between implementing partners, government agency and relevant stakeholder to: 20%
  • Communication and coordination to stakeholders: 20%
  •  Advocacy and substantive issues: 30%


Scope of Work

Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation

    • Lead the development of an annual plan, regular review, and revision.
    • Ensure the overall quality of program implementation which include but not limited to:
      • Design and lead the implementation of a structured and regular monitoring mission to Power to Youth implementing partners in the intervention area.
      • Provide technical assistance on program management to the implementing partners.
      • Collaborate with the PMEL team to design and conduct internal evaluation, be part of its implementation which includes facilitating participatory evaluation with key stakeholders, analysis process and completion of the annual report.

Ensuring quality implementation of programs

  • Ensure programs are implemented according to the Theory of Change (ToC) developed by Global and Indonesia Consortium.
  • Establish and maintain mechanisms to support the project implementation of the local implementer team, which interprets as but is not limited to: quality checking, target monitoring, accountability, and analyze output and outcome results.
  • Backstop issues related with field work which include advising on resolving issues around partnership with intervention team (e.g. others SGBV projects in NGOs, donor agency, local government and national level)
  • During field work, assist Power to Youth partners in establishing communication channels and partnerships with key stakeholders at national level.

Ensure Power to Youth implements effective and measurable advocacy work

  • Work with implementing partners and other Rutgers Indonesia programs, especially Generation Gender and Right Here Right Now#2, to translate implementation work and its research findings into advocacy tools e.g. position papers and policy briefs.
  •  Advise implementing partners to update the map of advocacy opportunities on preventing child marriage, teenage pregnancy and SGBV at subnational and national level.
  • Establishment of advocacy strategy and priorities, ensure regular review of strategy, and improvement to achieve objectives and goals.
  • In collaboration with implementing partners and local government, maintain partnerships among Power to Youth key stakeholders at subnational and national level.
  • In collaboration with other teams in Rutgers Indonesia, represent the program and organization in SRHR and SGBV alliances and other advocacy work.
  •  Provide technical advice and support to the Power to Youth program on the adoption of the Gender Transformative Approach (GTA).
  • In collaboration with the other team in Rutgers Indonesia, build the capacity among intervention partners to conduct advocacy.
  • Establish and facilitate dialogue between implementing partners and central level stakeholders, to understand implementation results, its research, findings, and potential adoption in public policies.
  • Work with Rutgers Indonesia country office’s communication team to develop and strategize stakeholder engagement on SRHR and SGBV issues, GTA, Meaningful Youth and Inclusive Participation (MIYP).

Maintaining effective partnership

  • Establish and oversee mechanisms to update Power to Youth implementing partners.
  • Lead the implementation of regular national program partner meetings.
  • Create technical assistance for capacity building of partners, local government and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensuring continued development and management of performing program
  • Prepare, execute, and report activities according to the annual implementation plan.
  • Ensure all Power to Youth activities utilize program budget in the plan, and follow the financial regulation, standard, and procedure in Rutgers Indonesia.
  • Lead the strategy to hire, monitor and evaluate performance of consultants. This includes preparing and submitting reports according to the procedure and standard in Rutgers Indonesia.
  •  To perform other tasks to achieve program results with the direction and coordination of the HoP, i.e.:
    1. Have strong experiences in formulating work plans, TORs, and report documents as well as analyse those documents from partners or third parties and provide feedback for them.
    2. To ensure all activities are carried out with good quality standards, follow the procedure and administrative aspects and time manner.
    3. To assist and inform HoP regularly about the achievements and gaps of the program and financial implementation based workplan and budget and then discuss the technical steps that need to be done as follow up actions.
    4. To ensure all program documents (workplan, TOR, report, etc) are made and archived with quality standards and follow the procedures.



  • Minimum Master degree in health/public health/education; development studies; human rights; and/or other social science.
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in SRHR issues/public health/population and development; preferable having experience as trainer/facilitator and in developing training modules.
  • Experience in leading a team.
  • Experience in program management, including financial management and administration.
  • Good working knowledge of result-based management.
  • Understands development issues and working knowledge on SRHR and/or SGBV.
  • Persuasive, being able to create and maintain good relations with project partners (good networker).
  • Competent team player, conscious about different cultural environments/valuing sensitivity.
  • Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English (verbal and written) is mandatory.
  • Have a good understanding of the social, cultural and political context in the Lombok area, Jember and Garut areas.


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