ou & Me 2018


Duration : Two month

Assignment area : Flexible, with several meetings in Jakarta

Level : Individual contract

1. Background information

One of our key components in our mission is to strengthen professionals in empowering young people through education, to make sexual and reproductive choices, respecting the rights of others in supportive societies. Amongst these young people are the children aged 4 to 6, known as the phase of ‘golden age’, a crucial development period to determine the child’s potential in upcoming years. In 2008, Rutgers WPF Indonesia launched a program to empower children aged 4 to 6 through the involvement of teachers and parents: the You & Me program. The program aimed to equip young children with positive self-esteem and social skills regarding reproductive health and sexuality. Through active learning and the teacher’s role as facilitator, children learn about themselves and their environment, respect diversity, gender awareness, and protect themselves from sexual violence. To date, the program keep evolving on local and national level. In Semarang, Surabaya, and Balikpapan, 31 schools with 117 teachers have implement the program. Within nine years, more than 15.000 young children and their parents have gained the benefits from the You & Me program.

Rutgers WPF Indonesia is committed to support the sustainability of You & Me program. Therefore since February 2018, our team has been intensively collaborating with expert of early childhood education from UPI and expert of family learning process, an organization named Leader Lab, to revise and innovate the potential held by You & Me program. The process has delivered revised modules for teacher and parent, also several learning toolkits to help teachers and parents implement the modules with engaging and fun activities for the children. The toolkit consisted of flashcards, puzzles, giant board game mat, family dolls with complete reproduction organs, and four story books. All of those toolkits need to be wrapped in illustrations and graphic design tailored to the characteristic and needs of children aged 4 to 6 years old, also aligned with the revised modules, values, and principles that are held by You & Me program.

2. Assignment objectives

The objectives of this assignment are to develop illustrations and graphic design that are needed for the modules and learning toolkit of the You&Me program. The modules and learning toolkit concept and content have been developed by Rutgers WPF Indonesia and other collaborating partners.

3. Output

The output will be the following:

  1. Illustration and Graphic/Layout Design for You&Me Modules and Learning Toolkit:
    1. Teachers and Parents Modules
    2. Flash Card “Aku Unik”
    3. Puzzle “Jika Aku Besar Nanti”
    4. Playing Card “Aku dan Sekitarku”
    5. Flash Card “Menjaga Diriku”
    6. Giant Play Mat “Orang-orang di Sekitarku”
    7. Family Dolls Design based on characters in Story Books
    8. Story Books:
      1. Inilah Aku dan Temanku
      2. Cita-citaku
      3. Aku dan Keluargaku
      4. Aku dan Lingkunganku

4. Quality control team

During the process in creating the outputs, all meetings and discussions will be held along with the Junior CSE Consultant and Leader Lab. The consultant will create design proposal, draft of designs, and final designs of all the output in point three. All of the works from the consultant will be reviewed by the quality control team consisted of the Communications Officer, SRHR specialist and Leader Lab in maximum five working days. The consultant may proceed to further process when the work has been reviewed and approved by the quality control team mentioned before.

5. Qualifications

Individual or team consists of several illustrator / graphic designer with qualifications below are encouraged to apply for this post:

    1. Demonstrate portfolio of completed illustration and/or other graphic design, specialization on children book will be a plus point
    2. Solid skills on drawing, by hands and on digital sketching, image editing/graphic or book layout design software
    3. Able to work to a brief, define relevant visual and adapt drawing requirement style
    4. Creative, imaginative for creating self explanatory visual with eye for detail
    5. Collaborative, self-motivated and able to work to deadlines.
    6. Understanding and great concern in issues are highly valued (child protection and rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights)

6. Payment

RutgersWPF Indonesia will make phased payments in accordance with the output approved by the RutgersWPF Indonesia quality control team as follows:

  1. 20% of the total contract for the design proposal of all the output in point 3
  2. 30% of the total contract for the first draft illustrations and graphic designs of all the output in point 3
  3. 50% of the total contract for the final illustrations and graphic designs of all the output in point 3

7. Workplan

No Activity People Involved Duration / Deadline
1 Meeting to discuss the program & illustrations Consultant, Junior consultant, Communications officer, SRHR Specialist, CSE Programme Officer, Leader Lab 1 day /23 May 2018
2 Developing first draft Consultant & Leader Lab 10 days /6 June 2018
3 Meeting to discuss the 1st draft Consultant, Junior consultant, Communications officer, SRHR Specialist, CSE Programme Officer, Leader Lab 1 day /7 June 2018
4 Developing final illustrations according to feedback given Consultant & Leader Lab 7 days /26 June 2018
5 Meeting to discuss the final product Consultant, Junior consultant, Communications officer, SRHR Specialist, CSE Programme Officer, Leader Lab 1 day /2 July 2018

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