Integrity at YGSI

Yayasan Gemilang Sehat Indonesia upholds professional behavior, actions, and attitudes in order to maintain harmony and equality of relations between individuals, between individuals and organizations and between each organization by implementing our code of conduct. The following is the code of conduct from Yayasan Gemilang Sehat Indonesia:

Working With Partners

As a non-profit organization, Yayasan Gemilang Sehat Indonesia relies on dedicated partners, community participation, and financial support. This strong and innovative partnership has proven to be fruitful. Yayasan Gemilang Sehat Indonesia is very optimistic that other stakeholders’ dedicated and hard work will bring positive results, namely increasing the dignity and quality of life of the Indonesian people whose rights to health services are fulfilled.

What do They Say about Us as Grant Managers?

In a survey to implementing partners, as many as 19 organizations stated that:

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Together with partners, advocate and influence decision-makers from the community level to regional and national policies.

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Partners receive capacity building activities and direct services to the community related to health and education, training, and counseling.

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Partners realize that they can do better by building peace and reconciliation with the help of Rutgers Indonesia