Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. About Yayasan Gemilang Sehat Indonesia

Yayasan Gemilang Sehat Indonesia (YGSI) – formerly known as Rutgers Indonesia – is a non-profit organization that works on two major issues, namely: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and Gender-Based and Sexual Violence. The institution, which was established as a result of the separation with Rutgers International in the Netherlands, officially began operating on January 1, 2024… Read more in our about us profile.

From 2016 to 2020, our program consists of Get Up Speak Out (2016 – 2020), Yes I Do (2016 – 2020), Prevention+ (2016 – 2020), Dance4Life (2016 – 2020), and continues with Explore4Action (2017 – 2022). In 2021 – 2025, we have a new program consisting of Generation G (2021 – 2025), Power to You(th) (2021 – 2025), Right Here Right Now #2 (2021 – 2025). Curious what the activities are? Check the details in our programmes.

2. Partnership

We are open to cooperating in seminars, workshops, discussions on the issue of reproductive health and sexuality rights or the prevention of gender-based violence. For cooperation or partnership purposes, please contact our team at

We are open to partnering with the media. Contact for more information.

3. How to Join

We will publish job vacancies both on this website, our social media, and also on several non-profit job vacancies websites. So, stay tuned for our latest information on the channels that we have.

We are very open to students and the general public who are interested in volunteering at our organizations. We will post information about volunteer vacancies on our channels. Keep up with the latest information!

4. Product Info

If you are interested in our products, you can directly access them through the Shop menu on this website or you can contact our team at

For now, our products can only be buy through the website or contact our team at for a more detailed explanation.

Get Involved

There are many ways for you and your organization to engage with Yayasan Gemilang Sehat Indonesia.

Get in Touch

Visit our office or contact us via this website.


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