Rutgers WPF Indonesia and partners at the International Conference on Family Planning 2016

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Rutgers WPF Indonesia and our partners are pleased to share our presence at the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) being held in Nusa Dua, Indonesia from 25 – 28 January 2016. We bring along in total 63 delegates from our staffs and partners.

We will conduct three side events during the conference. Aside from it , you are most welcomed to visit our booth #69 where you can get our publications and resources on Indonesia’s current trend and research on reproductive health, sexuality and gender-based violence. Do you want to see some good view? You can go to the first floor of Singaraja Hall and see our Photovoice Exhibition from the young people. Please stay in touch in our social media on facebook and twitter.

Some of our interventions during ICFP will be as follows.

1. Synergize Interventions To Reduce Child Marriage Cases and It’s Social and Economic Impacts in Indonesia

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According to Marriage Law in Indonesia, the minimum legal age of marriage for girls is 16 with parental consent. Child marriage contributes to maternal mortality and the mortality of infants under five, threatens girl’s chance to continue schooling, robs girls of their childhood and the opportunity to be sufficiently educated, entrenching them and their future families in poverty, limiting their life choices and generating high development costs for communities.

A lot of effort has been done by NGOs and advocacy networks in Indonesia, ranging from community empowerment at the grassroots level, education and public awareness to advocacy. The most phenomenal advocacy performed for this issue is judicial marriage law to raise the minimum age of marriage for women is 18 years. However, this judicial review was rejected by the Constitutional Court based on moral grounds. Learning from these experiences, there should be a synergistic intervention among NGOs to reduce child marriage cases and its social and economic impacts.

This side event will highlight the result of discussion and reflection among national and international NGOs, UN agencies and advocacy networks that works in Indonesia about synergize interventions are needed, as well share the results of research on the economic loss at the national or districts/ cities if child marriage allowed. We will also present the results of focus group discussions about the social impact of child marriage against women and men who had experience as a victim of child marriage.

Date: Wednesday, 27 January 2016
Time: 06.00-07.30 PM
Location: Bali Nusa Dua
Kintamani 2

*snack and coffee break are provided

2.      MenCare+ in Indonesia: Achieving Gender Equality Through Engaging Men in Family Planning

Currently in Indonesia, the male contraception program is still considered as unsuccessful, only 4,6% of men participate in contraception use in Indonesia.

Engaging men is crucial and strategic for improving SRHR for all and can be conducted by having discussions amongst males on the importance of healthy relationships (amongst unmarried young men as well as husbands), including acknowledgement of sexual and reproductive health of their partners, and all risks and consequences, use of contraception. All are based on equal partnership.

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In this event, we will share a case study on men’s participation in contraceptives through a behaviour change program involving men to actively participate in family planning, best practices from MenCare+ partners and the impact of our work in 4 (four) provinces in Indonesia: Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Lampung and East Java.

Date: Tuesday, 26 January 2016
Time: 06.00-07.30 PM
Location: Bali Nusa Dua
Convention Center, Room 5 Legian

*snack and coffee break are provided

3. Young People And Their Access To Contraception In Developing Countries

Lessons learned from Indonesia, Uganda and Ghana & accompanying network event with Lambert Grijns, Special Ambassador SRHR & HIV/aids, the Netherlands

A panel with speakers from Indonesia, Ghana, Uganda and the Netherlands will critically reflect on challenges and successes when it comes to increasing access and uptake of contraception and SRH services by young people. Presentations and panel interaction is followed by an interactive discussion between the audience and the panelists on how to move forward.

banner srhr alliance icfp 2016 - Gemilang Sehat

Concluding remarks and kick-off networking event by Lambert Grijns, Special Ambassador for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights & HIV/AIDS, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands

Food & Drinks will be provided

26 January – 6.00 – 8.30 pm. Tanjung Benoa Hall.

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