Project Officer of Generation Gender (Gen G)


Rutgers Indonesia is a not for profit organization that has been working in Indonesia since 1997.  Our work focuses on advancing the fulfilment of sexual and reproductive health rights for adolescents and young people, and the elimination of gender-based violence. Together with our partners, we develop intervention models to increase knowledge and strengthen systems that promote, uphold, and fulfil human rights.  We develop comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and services for adolescents and young people.  Together with our partners, we innovate to engage boys and men in the elimination of gender and sexuality-based violence.

To ensure sustainable changes, we join efforts with key actors in non-government sectors, faith-based organizations, and professional associations, to strengthen the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to combat violence against women and children.  Most importantly, we partner with young people to address issues that matter in their lives.


About Generation Gender (Gen G) Project

The project expected to see: Indonesian gender-just and violence-free society that are inclusive and supportive to youth (men, women and other intersectional groups). It is expected that Indonesian society has sufficient awareness and mindset about gender justice and GBV prevention, to be more open and inclusive to youth, providing more safe spaces and access to resources and assistance. The expectations are the ultimate outcome which will be supported by three long term outcomes; Public Support, Public Policy and CSO strengthening.


Rutgers Indonesia is currently looking for a committed and enthusiastic candidate for

the following position:


Position Summary:

The PO is based in Jakarta and reports directly to the Project Manager of Gen G. More detail about the Gen G program can be accessed at this link:

The position roles include grant manager for three implementing partners working under Gen G Program. Specific responsibilities of the Project Officer include but are not limited to:


Primary Duties and Responsibilities are:

  1. To assist in developing work plans and budgets along with the Project Manager;
  2. Together with the Project Manager, monitors the implementation of the program by partner organisations on an ongoing basis;
  3. To support Project Manager in monitoring and analysing results both quantitative and qualitative;
  4. Together with Project Manager, identify and evaluate potential risks related to the activity of the program and take necessary steps to improve;
  5. Communicate closely with Project Managers, Project Team, PMEL team, and Finance Team on results an analysis of results program performance;
  6. To support Project Manager in providing technical assistance to partner organisations regarding the implementation of the program,
  7. To ensure all partner’s plans are in line with the program result chain formulated;
  8. To perform other tasks to achieve project results with the direction and coordination of the Project Manager, i.e.:
    • Have strong experience in formulating work plans, TORs, and report documents, as well as analysing those documents from partners or third parties and providing feedback for them.
    • To ensure all activities are carried out with good quality standards, follow the procedure and administrative aspects and time manner.
    • To assist and inform Project Manager regularly about the achievements and gaps of the program and financial implementation based work plan and budget and then discuss the technical steps that need to be done as follow-up actions
    • Ensure all project documents (work plan, TOR, report, etc) are made and archived with quality standards and follow the procedures



Skills and Competencies:

  • Self-driven, able to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Analytical and strategic thinking
  • Energetic and inspiring personality, excellent communication skills
  • Commitment to fulfil SRHR and SGBV
  • Value and respect for Gender Diversity and Human Rights
  • Contribute to the learning organisation
  • Optimist (can do-attitude), Persuasive, being able to create and maintain good relations with project partners (good networker)
  • Competent team player, conscious about different cultural environments / valuing sensitivity
  • Have a passion for doing managerial and administrative work
  • Commit to working with good quality standards and time manner
  • Result based mindset and working in the fast pace


Education and Experience: 

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Social Science/Gender Study/public health/education; and/or other social science.
  • A minimum of four years of experience in Youth, Gender Equality, community empowerment issues, and development programs, advocacy work is advantageous.
  • Good working knowledge of result-based management,
  • Understanding of development issues and programs.
  • Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English (verbal and written)

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