Consultant on Mass Media and Social Media Analysis of Reproductive Health Rights Issues and Sexual Rights and Gender-Based and Sexual Violence

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About Rutgers Indonesia

Rutgers Indonesia is a not for profit organization that has been working in Indonesia since 1997.  Our work focuses on advancing the fulfillment of sexual and reproductive health rights for adolescents and young people, and the elimination of gender-based violence.  Together with our partners, we develop intervention models to increase knowledge and strengthen systems that promote, uphold, and fulfill human rights.  We develop comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and services for adolescents and young people.  Together with our partners, we innovate to engage boys and men in the elimination of gender and sexuality-based violence.             

To ensure sustainable changes, we join efforts with key actors in non-government sectors, faith-based organizations, and professional associations, to strengthen the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to combat violence against women and children.  Most importantly, we partner with young people to address issues that matter in their lives.

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Project Summary

The media serves as a powerful platform to shape public discourse, attitudes and perceptions towards shaping public knowledge, attitudes and behaviors around SRHR, child marriage and violence against women. However, media representations of these issues can be problematic, as there is often content or narratives that reinforce harmful stereotypes, victim-blaming narratives, and stigmatization.

For this reason, a media analysis is needed that is able to critically examine the depiction and coverage of mass media related to the issues carried by the Power to You(th) program, especially in the major media in the context in question. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of media coverage, it is expected to identify opportunities for improvement and the development of more targeted strategies to promote responsible and inclusive media practices.

In addition, there is a need to see the reach of social media campaigns carried out by Rutgers Indonesia and RHRN2 local partners, including analyzing content promoting inclusivity, policy advocacy, or providing support related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (GBV), including in the LBGT community and Persons with Disabilities in the general public, so a consulting team is needed to conduct an Analysis of the Reach of Social Media Campaigns of Rutgers Indonesia and Local Partners related to SRHR and GBV Issues.


Consultancy Output

  • Analysis of Mass Media related to the issues of child marriage, Teenage Pregnancy/Unintended Pregnancy and Sexual Violence.
  • Analysis of the Reach of the Social Media Campaign of Rutgers Indonesia and RHRN Partners2.

The analysis report will be conducted with following component:

  • Executive Summary: A concise and accessible summary of the key findings, recommendations, and implications of the analysis. 
  • Methodology:  Describes the research approach, sample selection, data collection methods, and limitations encountered during the analysis process. 
  • Analysis and Findings: Presents key findings from content and news analysis, qualitative, quantitative, and comparative, highlighting significant trends, biases, and patterns.
  • Conclusion: Provide a brief summary of the main points of this report, reinforce the importance of accurate and comprehensive media coverage, and highlight the role of the media in promoting SRHR, addressing child marriage, and combating violence against women.
  • Recommendations: Provide actionable recommendations for media professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders to improve the representation and coverage of SRHR, child marriage, and violence against women in the media. This may include guidelines for responsible reporting, awareness campaigns, and policy advocacy.


Required Methodology

  • Content Analysis: Systematically analyze a representative sample of media articles, news segments, opinion pieces, and online content related to SRHR, child marriage, and violence against women. This analysis will include an examination of the accuracy of information, framing techniques, language use, and visual representations. 
  • Qualitative Analysis: Analysis of the language, framing, and imagery used in media narratives, with a focus on the portrayal of victims, perpetrators, and broader societal attitudes. This analysis will consider the presence of stereotypes, victim-blaming narratives, and stigmatization. 
  • Quantitative Analysis: Determine the frequency, distribution, and prominence of media coverage of SRHR, child marriage, and violence against women, including variations across different media outputs and platforms. This analysis will provide quantitative data on the extent and patterns of media attention to these topics. 
  • Comparative Analysis: comparing media coverage of SRHR, child marriage and violence against women with relevant legal frameworks, international human rights standards and prevailing social norms. This analysis will highlight differences or alignment between media narratives and established norms and rights.
  • Identify Successes and Challenges: Identify successes, challenges, and areas for improvement in addressing SRHR, GBV issues especially in LGBT communities and persons with disabilities through social media activities. This includes assessing whether desired outcomes were achieved and identifying any unintended consequences or risks that need to be addressed.
  • Formulation of Recommendations: Based on the analysis, provide actionable recommendations to optimize social media activities to better serve the needs of these communities, this includes strategies to increase inclusivity, improve engagement, and address any findings related to gaps or misconceptions.


Consultant Qualifications

The consultant is a PR agency that:

  1. Previous experience working with NGOs or non-profit organizations in conducting media analysis, preferably in the field of gender, human rights, or social issues including issues related to LGBT, and people with disabilities.
  2. Have in-depth knowledge of SRHR, child marriage, and violence against women, including relevant legal frameworks, international standards, and the social dynamics surrounding these issues, including LGBT and disability-related issues.
  3. Have a strong understanding of media and social media dynamics, framing, and news content analysis.
  4. Have expertise in research methodologies, data collection techniques, data collection techniques, and data analysis. Expertise in research methodologies, data collection techniques, and analytical tools, skilled in quantitative and qualitative analysis, able to interpret data, identify trends, and derive meaningful insights that inform decision-making and strategy development
  5.  Experienced in conducting impact assessments or evaluations, preferably related to social media activities and communication campaigns. The consultant should have a track record of evaluating the effectiveness and impact of communications initiatives, using appropriate methodologies and frameworks.
  6. Have an understanding of and adhere to ethical considerations especially when working with sensitive topics such as LGBT communities, and people with disabilities and have knowledge of privacy regulations, consent procedures, and best practices for handling and analyzing data related to these topics.
  7. Have the skills to present complex findings in a clear, concise, and accessible way to be able to serve different target audiences.


Project Timeline

Expected to submit the advertisement on June 25th, 2023. Consultancy period July – December 2023.

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