The Policy-making Workshop Regarding Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education in Jember

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Rutgers Indonesia, through the Power to You(th) programme and SuaR Foundation, conducted the Policy-making Workshop Regarding Sexual and Reproductive Health Education (RHSE) in Jember. The workshop was held on August 15, 2023.

The Policy-making Workshop Regarding Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education involved the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Education Department, Health Department, Office for Women’s Empowerment, Child Protection, and Family Planning (DP3AKB) of Jember Regency and many local CSOs. This workshop aims to foster shared understanding with the Jember Regency Government regarding the importance of Reproductive Health and Sexuality  education and encourage the local government to formulate viable policy strategies in addressing these concerns.  The workshop also encourages the local authorities to establish a legal framework that supports the implementation of  RHSE.

The discussion identifies the current policies related to RHSE and the efforts undertaken by the local government to incorporate RHSE Education into the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD). Furthermore, this discussion encourages the involvement of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) by assessing the capabilities of each organisation in order to achieve relevant institutional capacity strengthening. Local CSOs also consider media discussion forums related to women, children, and disabilities issues as part of the advocacy strategy through media coverage.

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