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A Journey of Transformation: Mr Sulaiman

A journey of transformation is a mini-documentary film that tells a portrait of a family’s journey in East Lampung towards equal household relations. This film depicts the figure of Sulaiman, a father and husband who work as cassava sellers and the figure of his wife, Indah Lestari, a kindergarten teacher. The two of them complement each other and share a compact role in nurturing a family and caring for their children. Sulaiman’s daily life describes his changing views on the division of household roles and raising children. He believes that building a family is a shared responsibility. Sulaiman supports Indah to work and be active with the mother community in East Lampung. Raising children and doing household chores have now become part of Sulaiman’s daily life on the sidelines of his activities. He believes that when a husband supports and shares an equal role with his wife, it will not reduce the partner’s respect for him. Sulaiman proved that men’s view of the role of himself and his partner can be transformed into a more equal relationship.

This film is brought to you by Rutgers WPF Indonesia as part of Prevention+ Programme

Director: Amerta Kusuma

Production Team: Film Comrades

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